Help! Again!!!!

Dear fellow writers and readers, and other random people. I must say this again.


Yep. That’s right. I’m stuck. Again.

I’m not much of an inventor.

I’m needing some help from some creative, technologically-inclined people right now. I need you to comment and share…

Ideas for technology in the future.

And I’ll need to put them in my new novel.

Thanks to your help with character names, all of my characters have names that are either (a) made up, (b) are altered to fit the time period, or (c) sound like futuristic names. Now I need inventions for the future world. The only things that I’ve figured out so far are really, really, really tall buildings, hover cars, super-fast transporters, and lights that simply float and aren’t connected to anything. And I’d love to have you help me come up with more futuristic inventions.

Please comment and share your ideas! I need all the inventions I can get! 🙂


The Church

“Who’s the church?”

“WE ARE!!”

Ah, the memories. So, anyway, one of our former youth leaders believed that those five words are very important, or to rephrase them into four words: “We are the church.”

The church isn’t a building; it’s the people. It’s us. It’s not the place where the believers come together: it’s the believers themselves.

Our church has recently been going through a lot of changes. We’ve certainly downsized, and we sold our old building. We’re currently in our temporary location, and our new building is being finished off. It’s been a rough journey, and it’s been a true reminder that the church isn’t the building, that it’s the people.

Challenge: Remember that the church isn’t the building, it’s the people who are in the building.