Quotes from Manifested Thoughts About God

Changing up the circumstances.

The deliverance of God.

Don’t forget where you came from.

Two dangerous mindsets of secular living.

The Giver & the gift.

All of these posts really make you think. Thank you, “Manifested Thoughts About God”! Enjoy, y’all!


Text Message to God!

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Text Message to God ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

Lord, I need to have a 121
as soon as possible
I wish we could meet F2F
but that would be impossible.

I need to talk to You PDQ,
as I need some direction
please answer me ASAYGT
with Your divine reflection.

I know You will get this MSG,
as soon as I send it off to You
I just need to get Your GA
with what You want me to do.

I guess I’ll just have to W8,
until this message You see
this SLAP to me
and I know You will agree.

Thank You for Your POV,
for it won’t steer me wrong
I will be W4U
but please don’t take too long!

 ♥ and heavenly (  )’s

Your BFF



121= One to One
F2F = Face to Face
PDQ = Pretty Darn Quick
ASAYGT = As Soon As You Get This
MSG = Message

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God’s Perfect Love

We never outgrow the need for forgiveness.


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It would seem, after having been a Christian for almost 80 years, that I would no longer do ugly things that need forgiving.  Yet I am constantly doing things to others that cause me to have to go back and ask their forgiveness.  Sometimes these are things I actually do- other times they are simply attitudes I let creep in which break the circle of God’s perfect love.

Corrie ten Boom

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Is There A God?

This is absolutely, postively true. And there is soo much more proof out there!

Sonshine Seeker

If There Is No God…

If there is no God, why have so many biblical prophecies come true?

In ‘Science Speaks’, Peter Stoner calculated that the probability of one person fulfilling eight selected biblical prophecies was one in 1017. The likelihood of one person fulfilling 48 prophecies was one in 10,157. Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled 61 major Old Testament prophecies!

“Prophecy never had it’s origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. ”
2 Peter 1:21

If there is no God, who crammed all the data into DNA?

DNA is the stuff of genes which determines everything from your haircolor to height to resistance to certain diseases. If the coded DNA instructions within one of your cells could be printed, the information would fill 1000 encyclopedia – sized books.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully…

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When Life is Crazy

Ask God to pour his peace over you when life is crazy.

Sonshine Seeker

We all have days where our minds race, rehearsing problems, spinning situations, and rehashing conversations. That’s where we need God’s peace to flow over us and bring true rest – A rest that renews body, soul, and spirit. Like a warm comforting blanket, He covers and quiets us, leaving us with a fresh outlook, a new perspective. Reach out for his peace in the long restless night, the morning rush, for the afternoon slump. He’s always listening, always ready to smooth out our rough edges, and give us peace.

“May the Lord be with your spirit ”
2 Timothy 4:22

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