Steal My Show – tobyMac

Once again, a tobyMac song. This is another one of my favorites, and I just thought it speaks to what I’ve wanted for my blog. I want God to steal the show, and this not to be about me. If anything here touches anyone, I know that it wasn’t because of what I wrote; it’s what God spoke through me.


All One

So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith…There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

-Galatians 3:26, 28

If you have accepted Jesus into your heart, you are a child of God. You are one of God’s children!!! Isn’t that amazing? God values you, just as he would a birth child. Sure, you’re adopted, but you were chosen. You are a chosen child of God! Isn’t it awesome to know that you are God’s kid, and that he picked you?

The second verse, Galatians 3:28, gives us some good reasons for not discriminating against others. Everyone is one in Jesus. You shouldn’t discriminate against someone because they’re different from you. After all, we’re all unique! If not for us all being different, it would be a pretty boring world out there. A plain white wall is pretty boring, since it’s exactly the same all over. You most wouldn’t find someone there staring at it in awe. Unless they have a thing about white walls… But paint a mural on that wall, a super detailed and diverse mural, and people probably won’t mind trying to find all the interesting and hidden details in the painting. It would be something really interesting. That’s my opinion on diversity and discrimination.

Diverse, adj.

Having variety; assorted, distinct in kind

Challenge: 1) Remember that you’re a child of God, and 2) Don’t discriminate! After all, other people are God’s children, too!

Emotions and Elsa

“Don’t let them in,

Don’t let them see,

Be the good girl you always have to be,


Don’t feel,

Put on a show,

Make one wrong move and everyone will know.”

If you’ve watched the new Disney movie Frozen or memorized the lyrics for Let It Go or First Time In Forever from that movie, you may recognize those lyrics. The lyrics above are from First Time In Forever. In Let It Go, Elsa changes the last part a little.

“Don’t let them in,

Don’t let them see,

Be the good girl you always have to be,


Don’t feel,

Don’t let them know…”

How many times do we hide our true feelings from others? We hide, we cover up, we lie, just to keep from showing others our emotions. We “put on a show” as Elsa states*.

Why do we feel like we need to cover up what we feel? If someone asks, “How are you?”, we automatically say “I’m good” or “I’m fine.” Why? There’s plenty of reasons: we don’t want to put other people out, we don’t want to ruin someone’s day, we don’t want others to know about our problems, and we don’t want others to judge us. To put it simply, we just think it’s easier not to talk to others about our emotions.

Maybe the next time you’re talking to someone, you should take the time to ask, “How are you, really?” And maybe we should be honest with others when we’re hurting, or sad, or frustrated. It might make things a whole lot easier.

*Okay, so maybe Elsa isn’t hiding her emotions so much as she’s hiding her powers, but the lyrics still apply, right? 🙂

Never Gone

Click here for the story behind Never Gone

I love this song, and watching the story behind the song really helped me understand the song so much better. God is always there with us, and we’ll never be alone. I love the metaphor that Colton Dixon uses in the song, and it helps illustrate this point so well. It’s a great reminder that God will never leave us.