Speak Life – TobyMac (Radiant Identity Music Video)

Capital Kings – I Feel So Alive (TobyMac’s iPhone Music Video)

Not Jostie Flicks, but it’s cool. 🙂

Same Here – Jostie Flicks

Don’t be surprised if most of the videos coming up are by Jostie Flicks…

How Microwaves Are Harmful – Jostie Flicks

This. Is. Hilarious.

Proof of Your Love – For King and Country

This song is amazing, and the music video is, too. It is one of my favorites, and For King and Country is awesome! And click here to hear a little about their band name.

Irene – tobyMac

This song is, as Super Em says (click here for her blog), a lullaby for grownups. It’s an awesome song!

TobyMac Lego Music Videos

Me Without You – TobyMac (Created by: MySnailEatsPizza1)

Get Back Up – TobyMac (Created by: junitbeach)

For Christmas This Year – TobyMac (Created by: MySnailEatsPizza1)

Boomin – TobyMac (Created by: VoyagerFilms93)

Tonight – TobyMac (Created by: junitbeach)

Burn For You – TobyMac (Created by: thesaints4)

For Christmas This Year (Second Video) – TobyMac (Created by: DnRProductions2010)

Note: None of these videos are mine! 🙂 I found them on all Youtube.



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