1. yes that is one of the inherent risks of highlighters. I suppose perhaps a pencil would be safest, though i tend to violently tear holes in the pages when using an eraser. Perhaps someone (zondervan maybe?) should develop a bible made for people like me. It would be made of metal with lazer burned words. Or a gigantic dry erase bible could work. However, it would be very inconvenient to tow your bible to church on a trailer.


  1. This happens a lot to me, too. I’d use highlighters, but then they would end up bleeding through. I can’t win :/.


  2. This is why I just don’t mark verses. I like my pretty, clean pages. *pats Bible* The only verse I have marked is John 3:16, which is highlighted because I needed it to stand out in a photo and I, like an eejit, didn’t think of doing it in Photoshop later.

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  3. Haha, I tried underlining in my Bible with pencil once, but it only lasted for about a week. Now if I find a verse I want to remember, I get an index card and write it down and then stick it back in the Bible…or I just leave it sitting around, or it falls out of the Bible. =P


  4. Oh, heavens, this is so me. If it’s with pencil, I try to erase, but it doesn’t come off, and it looks messy, and my re-try of the underlining is even worse, and … *groans* I don’t dare try with pen because it’ll look like I REALLY hate the Bible. xD


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