Let’s Argue… Or Not



In case you don’t know, this doesn’t work. Arguing won’t change someone’s mind. And you probably don’t want to find that out the hard way. Arguments, especially about religion, tend to only create conflict and hard feelings. And face it. If everyone is like me, no amount of arguing will change their minds. And if you prove that you’re right? People will avoid admitting that they’re wrong if they can.

If someone is wrong about something biblical, and it’s something dangerous, you should confront them about it gently and avoid an argument if you can. Remember to do this out of love, not so-called “superiority”.

And, just for laughs…





      1. Presidential candidate. Came from Nebraska. Argued against the gold standard, because he felt that it was harming the economy. Was part of the prosecution on the Snopes trial (thus, the “hero” of that story 😉 )

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      2. Ah, I’ll pbb learn about him this semester. Dual credit history last year only went up to the Civil War period, a little past. I’m looking forward to World War II… That sounded weird.
        Have you heard of David Rice?


      3. I like science better than history, I must admit. If I remember right, he was the President for a day… and he spent most of it sleeping. I could be wrong about that though. 😉


      4. I like science because it has math, and I’ve always been pretty good at math. I just find reading 500+ pages about the same things I’ve learned about since I was little gets a little dull after a while.


      5. Bryan wasn’t talking about the presidential candidates’ debates when he said that, by the way. The debates happen, not to persuade the other debater, but to give the voters an idea of the issues going on and to decide who they want to vote for. Basically, the debates are to convince the audience, not the other person. ;-P but they don’t directly address the audience… such weird rules develop when it comes to politics and/or forensics… blah blah blah. Debate club. Odd rules and styles. Kind of like writing styles that develop and are generally accepted for no good reason but the fact that we’re used to them…

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