Journal Entry 21

Amanda Christine

Psalm 23

My journal entries are basically me talking to God; kind of like written prayers/one-sided conversations. Not that God doesn’t speak back, but from my experience, so far, He hasn’t actually taken my journal and written in it…

Anyway…last night, as I was journaling, I began to think about how unfaithful humans are…about how unfaithful I can be. And as I wrote, mostly Scripture (because I feel that the Psalms were written by me in my prayers. They all fit my feelings in life situations!), God gave me peace. Perhaps you need some peace today. Well, here is a reminder about the faithfulness of our God!

“March 28, 2014

Sheep…they’re amazing creatures. They know and obey the voice of their Shepherd. They’re susceptible to being eaten alive at all times, but they have FAITH in the ability of their shepherd. They don’t follow anyone but the one they’ve been trained to…

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