Vote on the Interviews!

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately working on a set of stories. They’re really fun to write, and I’m not sure if anyone would like to read them, but I was thinking of posting them here, as a series.

Basically, it’s me (with a different name 😉 ) interviewing characters from my stories. I was thinking that it also might be fun to interview other people’s characters, too, most likely famous ones, like Sherlock Holmes or Narnian characters. My only problem is finding a name for the series. If you have a suggestion, please comment or suggest it in the poll. Thanks! 😀


Bible Character Poll

Vote for your favorite Bible character! The female Bible character poll is coming soon, too! Don’t forget to comment either on this post or on the poll to tell why you chose that character, and remember that you can choose up to three Bible characters at one time. 🙂