Connections – Houses

Let’s do some role-playing.

Say you’re looking for a new house. Which of these would you choose?

burninghousepic mansionpic

I hope everyone said the mansion. If not… never mind.

Heaven is like the mansion. Hell is like the burning house.

Think about all the people who aren’t believers out there. As a believer, you are guaranteed to go to heaven, to live in that awesome mansion that Jesus is preparing for you. Non-believers, on the other hand, are going to spend forever in that burning house. Unless someone reaches out to them and introduces them to Jesus.

That someone could be you.


Happy Birthday!

Our adorable dog turns 1 year old today. 😀 So excited!

Daisy’s Story

We adopted Daisy, an Australian Shepherd/short-hair collie mix, from the Animal Defense League. She was only a few months old at the time. We took her into a play pen to get to know her, and fell in love. We also found the true meaning of the phrase “puppy dog eyes”. 😉 Adopting is the way to go. There are so many dogs out there, all created by God. It’s nice to know that you’re giving an unwanted animal a second chance. 🙂

Pictures of Daisy when we first got her in early summer of 2013.


Hits Deep Tour 2013 Pictures

Here are the pictures I took at the Hits Deep Tour 2013 in Corbin, Kentucky!! These were all taken with my mom’s point-and-shoot camera. Needless to say, I had to wade through plenty of blurry pictures, but I got more than 20 clear ones! Yay! More will be coming soon in another post, and I may get some that my dad took, too. 🙂 Enjoy!

These are all from the VIP question-and-answer segment before the concert started.


Above and Below: Chris August and Capital Kings during their question-and-answer. (Left to right: Christ August, Cole Walowac, Jon White)



Above: (left to right) Chris August, Cole Walowac

Below: (left to right) Chris August, Cole Walowac, and Jon White



Above and Below: TobyMac singing before his question and answer session (Right to Left: Tim Rosenau, tobyMac, and Gabe Real


Below: Gabe Real from tobyMac’s band Diverse City


Please do not copy pictures without permission. Thank you!

Holding Nothing Back – Ryan Stevenson

Thanks to my sister, Amanda ( I’ve found out how to post a video on my site instead of the link. Thanks!

I love this song so much! Ryan Stevenson is one of my favorites, probably my second favorite, after tobyMac. Although this song is pretty hard to put into practice. It’s really hard to hold nothing back from Jesus, to give him everything. It takes a lot of faith, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of courage.

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.

-John Wayne

I’ve added a photo gallery to the side. Please let me know what you think!

Love ya’ll!

A Joke and a Picture

What plant did Noah not want on the ark?

A leek

Please note: I have NO IDEA where I first heard that joke, but I do know that I most recently read it in our church bulletin, as a trivia question. So it’s not original, and it’s not my joke.

All right, sorry about that joke. I couldn’t help it. Besides, it offered me the opportunity to (hopefully) make you laugh, and gave me a chance to post a picture I took a while back of my mom’s house leeks. Hee-hee.


Okay, I really like taking pictures. So, I hope you enjoyed this super random post. Even though it has ABSOLUTELY NO POINT!!!!!! Except maybe that you shouldn’t bring leeks with you on a boat… or in the house.