Ever read the book of Job in the Bible? Man, talk about perseverance. Job loses everything, all of his possessions are removed, all in the same day. His children, his animals, his buildings. All gone, just like that. He’s even afflicted with a skin disease. But even through all of that, Job doesn’t deny his faith or lose hope in God. He stayed true.

Have you ever felt like there’s no way you could keep going? God is still there, and he wants to help you persevere through your troubles. Ask Him for help today.


Bible Trivia: 5-17-14 Answers

The word “Satan” has fifteen references in the Old Testament, eleven of which are in ___.

2. Job

As Some biblical characters were known by more than one name, what was John’s other name?

2. Mark

The river that watered the Garden of Eden divided into how many heads?

2. 4

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