Iron Man

Superheroes Must Be Crafty!

Hi, everyone! I recently finished a fun crocheting project that I’d like to share with you guys.


Yep, you got it! I just finished crocheting my first pair of fingerless gloves; not only that, but they’re Iron Man gloves!

Click here for the pattern I used. I must say that I definitely had to adjust the pattern a lot to accommodate for size differences, as I have really small hands. 😉 The cuffs of the gloves are a little big on me, so I’m going to try using elastic on them. I had a lot of fun doing this, and it was a pretty simple pattern; what I didn’t know was easy to look up on Youtube. 🙂 It is a little time consuming, and they’re definitely not every-day, all-purpose gloves, but they’re pretty neat. 😀


And, as a bonus, here’s the hammer I made for my Thor costume a while back…


Hope you have enjoyed my creative nerdiness! 😀

Iron Man, Masks, and Tax-Free Weekend Shopping

I apologize for the lack of regular posts the last few weeks (especially Bible Trivia and Superhero Sunday) and hope you’re hanging in there. 🙂

If you didn’t already know, this weekend is tax-free weekend. Which means most of the outlet malls are packed.

Guess where we were yesterday.

Yep. The outlet malls.

We stopped into the Disney store to look at their Marvel things (which was actually slightly disappointing) and my dad pointed out a few Iron Man masks.

Now, is it just me (and keep in mind that I’ve only seen him in The Avengers) or does Stark’s personality seem to change a little when he’s in his suit. He seems more eager to crack jokes and be the funny guy when he’s just himself. When he’s in his suit, sure, he has a few funny moments, but it seems like he’s more focused and serious. Like he doesn’t need to be funny anymore.

We all use masks. Maybe not literally, but we all have labels that seem to define us and acts that we put up to make people think that we’re something we’re not. Some of those masks are harmful to us; other masks are harmful to other people.

God wants us to be who He made us, not who other people want us to be or who we want other people to think we are. He wants you to be… you.

So take off your mask and be the person God wants you to be!

I’m Listening

This quote is quite possibly one of my favorite quotes from the Avengers. Although there are some even better ones. 😉

Remember that God is always listening to you. Even if you feel like Iron Man ran into you and shoved you to who knows where, God is still there (yes, like Loki was! Although God doesn’t have an ulterior motive.) and he will always be listening.