Book Review: I Was There by Chris Martin

I’ve finally gotten around to typing up this book review for the latest book from fellow blogger and writer Chris Martin. I hope you’ll buy his book and check out his blog after you finish reading this! 🙂

This was a great book. It told those same stories from the Bible in a new and interesting way. The first-person viewpoint is definitely a great asset in this book, helping the stories provoke emotion. The way Chris Martin develops the characters and draws us near to them makes you want to know them even better. I love how he uses the characters’ back stories to help us identify with them. It’s difficult to develop characters in the small amount of space available in short stories, and Chris does this wonderfully. His descriptions of the actions and emotions of the characters are also done very well. He tells the stories in such an emotional and thought-provoking way that you can’t help but feel for the characters. I love the way that Chris brings a new perspective to the stories he retells. I believe that these stories would even be interesting for non-believers. The only negative point of the book are a few small grammatical errors, which could easily be fixed with some extra proofreading and editing. Chris Martin certainly has a talent for writing that makes the stories and characters seem even more relatable. This book is definitely worth the read.


God’s Riches

Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!

Romans 11:33

Bible Trivia: 4-19-14

Which “Great” was responsible for overthrowing the Babylonian empire?

  1. Alexandria
  2. Cyrus
  3. Xerxes
  4. Tiberius

Of these, which book comes before the others in the Old Testament (KJV)?

  1. Hosea
  2. Job
  3. Ruth
  4. Jeremiah

Of these, which book comes before the others in the New Testament (KJV)?

  1. Titus
  2. Jude
  3. Colossians
  4. Galatians

Brought to you by our Bible Trivia Challenge calender. Answers will be revealed tomorrow.