Funny Church Signs

Quotes from our “Funny Church Signs Calender”

“Your heart is happiest when it’s beating for others.”

“Caution! God at work, people in progress.”

“It’s okay to let your mind go blank, but please turn off the sound.”

“Sleep peacefuly, God is awake.”

“A good example has twice the value of good advice.”

Connections – Platypi

Connections are… connections. Okay, I’m sure you figured out that much. Connections are connections between two (or more) things, normally connected only by a word, or two.

Platypus #1

One of my very close friends has recently taken to drawing platypi in her notebook. 😉 Just thought I’d say that… and, yes, they are adorable.

Platypus #2

I believe I have mentione our Bible Trivia Challenge Calender, but, as of yet, I don’t think I’ve mentioned our Funny Church Signs Calender. Or our You Might Be A Redneck If… Calender. But we’ll save that last one’s true introduction for another time. A quote from our Funny Church Signs Calender reads:

On the sixth day, God created the platypus. And God said, “Let’s see the evolutionists try to figure this one out.”