Advice From Dory

Dory, not Dora. Thought I’d make that clear, just in case somebody was confused.

Now, onto a completely different topic. Don’t worry, they’re connected in my mind. Hopefully you shall be able to make the connection, too. Hopefully.

I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo, unofficially. I just decided to stick with a thousand words a day, and I’m not using the website. Anyway, yesterday I made my goal, and actually went above it. Slightly. 1,055 words. 🙂 But all day, when I was writing it, I just kept hearing Dori from Finding Nemo  in my head: Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing, writing, writing…

See how it’s all connected now? And, yes, that is one of my favorite movies. (Fish are friends, NOT FOOD!) And I didn’t have that problem today. The songs in my head today were Christmas songs. 😉

I think God placed that song in my head for a couple of good reasons: one, to encourage me, and two, to encourage you. (Can you imagine me pointing my finger at you?)

Whenever you’re having a hard time, just ask God to help you conquer your fear, like Dory helped Marlin overcome his fear when they were trying to find the mask. (Hope I’m not spoiling it for anybody that hasn’t watched it…)

Just keep praying, just keep praying, just keep praying, praying, praying…

Of course, God will help you conquer your fears much better than any fish could!

No offense, Dory!