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Story Starters: 4-12-14

Story Starters are prompts that must be the first part of your story. To participate, please tag your post with p31tStarter and link back to this post. My favorite post for each story starter will be reblogged on Friday.*

Flash Fiction (less than 1,000 words):

There was no escape.

Short Story (Over a 1,000 words, but we’ll set the limit at 10,000 words)

If only s/he had never found that platypus in his/her locker.

*Please note: If there are no posts linked to this post or tagged with p31tStarter, there will be no post reblogged. Also, any stories with anything inappropriate will not be chosen. Thank you!


Dear Child – A Letter From God

Dear Child,

I have heard you.

I hear your cries when you are in pain or hurting. I hear your prayers when you need help or healing.

I know your struggles, your scars and your problems. I know the things you enjoy and the things that you hate. I know your pet peeves and I know the things that ignite a passionate fire within you.

Whether you’re happy or sad, or angry and hurting, I will always be there for you. I’ll be with you in the light of day and in the darkest nights. I’ll never leave you or forsake you. I’ll never abandon you, and you’ll never be alone. You are My child, and I am always with you. I will help you in your struggles and heal your heartache.

When you’re hurting, turn to Me. I can heal the broken heart and put shattered faith back together again. I can fix any problem if you only call out to Me.

Even when you’re lost and don’t know what to do, I will guide you. I formed you in your mother’s womb, and I had a plan for you and your life before you were even thought of by others. Nothing can change that plan. No mistake that you make can make Me give up on you. I can always fix your problems and forgive you. No mistake is too big for Me. You are always mine, no matter what.

It doesn’t matter how far you stray; I will welcome you back with open arms. You are My child, and I love you. No matter what.



Weekly Writing Helper: Pictures

Weekly Writing Helpers are here to help you when you get stuck or are fresh out of ideas. I’d love to read what you come up with! If you post your story, you can link back to this post or tag your post with Weekly Writing Helper.

Planning Stages Idea:

Make your character search for a missing picture

Plot Twist Idea:

Have your character find a picture that changes the outcome of the story or brings back bad memories

Writer’s Block Idea:

Picture the scenes in your mind and create different “mental videos” to help you find the way to advance the plot

Advice From Dory

Dory, not Dora. Thought I’d make that clear, just in case somebody was confused.

Now, onto a completely different topic. Don’t worry, they’re connected in my mind. Hopefully you shall be able to make the connection, too. Hopefully.

I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo, unofficially. I just decided to stick with a thousand words a day, and I’m not using the website. Anyway, yesterday I made my goal, and actually went above it. Slightly. 1,055 words. 🙂 But all day, when I was writing it, I just kept hearing Dori from Finding Nemo  in my head: Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing, writing, writing…

See how it’s all connected now? And, yes, that is one of my favorite movies. (Fish are friends, NOT FOOD!) And I didn’t have that problem today. The songs in my head today were Christmas songs. 😉

I think God placed that song in my head for a couple of good reasons: one, to encourage me, and two, to encourage you. (Can you imagine me pointing my finger at you?)

Whenever you’re having a hard time, just ask God to help you conquer your fear, like Dory helped Marlin overcome his fear when they were trying to find the mask. (Hope I’m not spoiling it for anybody that hasn’t watched it…)

Just keep praying, just keep praying, just keep praying, praying, praying…

Of course, God will help you conquer your fears much better than any fish could!

No offense, Dory!