An Unusual Superhero Sunday

Hullo, everyone! Today just happens to be my sister’s birthday, so I thought I’d do a different (and easier) type of Superhero Sunday post to honor her love of music and the only superhero that she likes. Without further ado…



And, a song of awesomeness. Be forewarned that the video itself is just the same picture of Chris August…

(Stand on top of a bullet and ride it around… sounds like Ant Man…)

God is our superhero, guys, and he can make us into his superheroes!


  1. I didn’t even play the video and I’ve got the song stuck in my head. XD I think I’ve watched this with my little sibs a few too many times.
    Love the picture! “Dude. He ate our cake.” That’s the line we all crack up at in that song. 😉 That, and “Hey, I was gonna eat that…”
    Happy (late) birthday to your sister! 😀

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    That’s the story of Veggietales’ superheroes’ life. Except for Vogue, who totally does more stuff and whose concept makes a bunch more sense. (I don’t feel bad that she got more character development and was more awesome than any of the ‘male’ characters. GODLY WOMEN FOR THE WIN, PEOPLE X-D The Bechdel Test is stupid. Seriously, it is. And if you haven’t come across it yet, I’ll let you be happy for a little while longer. It’s no judge of if you have strong female characters. AT. ALL. That’s why I liked “Agent Carter”, because they showed her grieving for Steve and showed her still being a strong person and a force for good, even when she had that hanging over her head. If you have not seen Agent Carter, go watch it now, and hurrah, because it got renewed and there’s going to be a WHOLE NEW SEASON 😀 😀 😀 )

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