1. Yes. It’s such a hard generation to live in. Maybe that’s good, in a way, because it forces us to rely on Him more and not think we can be faithful in our own strength.

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  1. Balance this out, though. I don’t know if you read C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy (which, by the way, came out shortly before/during/after WWII), but if you think about it, in the first book, the hero, Elwin Ransom (ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME CHARACTERS IN LITERATURE, by the way!!!), is mentioned to have “fought in the war” before coming home and getting a doctorate in philology. WWII hadn’t begun yet then, and assuming that “Out of the Silent Planet” takes place around the time it had been published, Ransom is a veteran of World War I. This places him squarely in the Lost Generation, right alongside J.R.R. Tolkien (also a WWI veteran) and Lewis himself (Lewis knew what he was talking about when he wrote about the experience of a soldier in WWI!) Hemingway and Fitzgerald? They don’t have anything on our Christian fantasy authors! ^_^ So maybe some people lost their way, but others found theirs (read “Surprised by Joy”, wink wink). 🙂

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      1. YAY!!! READ IT READ IT READ IT! And don’t be turned off by “That Hideous Strength.” It’s perhaps the most rewarding (and funniest) one– if you keep with it. There’s a bear in the bathroom, for a teaser 😉

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