Bible Trivia: 1-31-15

I realized I have a huge stack of the Bible Trivia Calender sheets… and we’ve got a new one for this year, too! Guess that means I should get back into this…

Who ran from the tent door to meet an appearance of the Lord in the plains of Mamre?

  1. Jacob
  2. Abraham
  3. Hosea
  4. Adam

Who ran into a congregation carrying incense to stop a plague?

  1. Moses
  2. Aaron
  3. Izhar
  4. Anak

Which of these were Israelites permitted to eat?

  1. Camel
  2. Hare
  3. Swine
  4. Cow

Who opened a bottle of milk giving an enemy soldier a drink, and then killed him?

  1. Barak
  2. Jael
  3. Esther
  4. Anna

Brought to you by our Bible Trivia Challenge Calender. Answers will be revealed tomorrow.


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