To All The Squirrels…

Before my day gets too busy, here’s a post for all of the squirrels that follow my blog.

May your day be filled with nuts and warmth,

And all your family close around.

May you not be chased or eaten by my dog…

Have a Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!



      1. We just go out and yell at the squirrels whenever we see them on the feeders. 😛 Or throw water on them; that works too. We’ve even named them, we yell at them so much.


      2. Hehe. Our squirrels are Fluffy, Rian, Nik, and Patrick. Fluffy was named by my sister after a squirrel in a book. The others were named by me after characters in a RP (one of whom my character called squirrel-like).


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