Avengers Meme Dump

I had no idea making memes could be so easy and so fun.

When erinkenobi2893 said she was planning on doing an Avengers fan art dump on her blog today, I thought of all the memes I’ve been making, and figured it would be a great chance to share them… with the world! But let me warn you…

Thordinary Memes

*All of these memes were made by me, but I do not own the pictures, and the quotes may or may not be original, although I think they are, but who knows… All of my memes are certifiably clean. Only violence included comes from a Christmas song…*

Chris Evans What If

Hulk Wearing Pajamas



Coulson Of Shield

Loki the Reindeer

Got this quote from Tobymac's Irene in case you're wondering...

Got this quote from Tobymac’s Irene in case you’re wondering…

Cap With Strangers

From Here to Here

What If Tony Stark

Hope you enjoyed these! 😀


    1. 😀 The “me with strangers” one was inspired by real life, and I think I saw the last one used in another meme or something. 😉 I honestly was having too much fun with this.


      1. Right. I think I saw that one too. 😛
        There’s a hilarious picture out there of the characters in Avengers goofing off on set. It has to be them goofing off, because Loki isn’t wearing his muzzle and he’s actually smiling at Steve Rogers, who looks like he’s saying something to Loki… And in between them is Tony, looking… SHORT. 😛 The comments on it were hilarious:
        “I am angry, short and have more movies than you. Fear me. Steve. Steve? Steve!”
        “Oh dear, Tony looks so done… ‘I am Tony CENSORED Stark! I should be taller than all of you! Pepper, get me a stepstool.'”
        “I’ll get you 12% of a stepstool.”
        Iris posted it on her Pinterest, and I died laughing.

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      2. No, I haven’t. I have seen the blooper reel which was material for the gifs where Hawkeye is acting crazy/dancing like he’s nuts. 😛 It’s hilarious… Also, the poor man playing Cap and the parachute… X-D They made the parachute pack way too small and he couldn’t get all the way into the harness! That’s why he ended up only wearing the shoulder straps and waist buckle, not the rest of the harness. Also probably why in the first scene of “The Winter Soldier” (which is part of the trailer) he wasn’t wearing a parachute! X-P


      3. 😉 Chris Evans actually plays one of the characters in the Fantastic Four, too, and someone was interviewing him and asked. “Who’s the hottest superhero?” and he said himself of course, so she asked him who the second hottest was, and he said “Definitely Captain America.” XD


      4. When was this conversation dated? And was he in character at the time??? This is confusing. 😛
        (Yes, I heard about that. Ioan Gruffudd was in “Fantastic Four” too… ❤ But the most popular in-joke of cinema superheroes is "They're twins!" about Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm. I think EVERYONE who writes fanfic has played with that in-joke every so often. In one story I read, they mentioned that Cap has a naturally higher body temperature than anyone else, which, given the faster metabolism, makes sense, and Jarvis remarked "The only person I have seen with a higher normal temperature was Johnny Storm," and someone else added "And he bursts into flame at regular intervals." Heh.)


      5. XD Idk, but, yeah, he was in character. 😉 I knew that was a pretty popular joke… But I think it would be interesting to have a fantastic four/avengers movie. 😀


      6. If that’s who he is in the Fantastic Four. 😀 Yeah, that would definitely be interesting, but they’d probably find an excuse for one of them not to be in it. 😉


      7. I consider it more important… 😉 But that would take all the fun out of it!!! The whole reason I would want to see that would be to see him fighting alongside himself…


      8. That would be Reed Richards (played by Ioan Gruffudd, who was AMAZING in the Hornblower movies and is the entire reason I want to see “Fantastic Four” in the first place…) -_- I’m starting to think that “The Incredibles” was partly ripped off of Fantastic Four, which is sad since Incredibles is my favorite superhero movie of all time. Think about it–there’s a really strong guy, someone whose skeletal structure is essentially bizarre (Elastigirl *coughcough*), an invisible girl… the last one doesn’t seem to line up, but… one of those boys has super speed (and can run on water!!!) and the other bursts into flames at will… 😛 See, sounds a bit like a rip-off to me. I don’t know where Jack-Jack comes in, but… *grins* 😛


      9. XD *totally lost* Sounds like it’s a rip-off, yeah. 😉 QUICKSILVER!!!! He’s going to be in Age of Ultron, played by someone different because of copyright junk. 😛


      10. Who, what? Ah…. um. 😛 I looked him up. Apparently him and his sister were born with superpowers (rather than gaining them through an accident or twist of fate), started with the X-Men (I think) and then went on to join the Avengers…?


      11. Maybe he wasn’t thinking. Maybe his kid was doing some stuff on American history and mentioned Betsy Ross or something, and that wormed its way into his head. Or maybe it actually had something to do with it…


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