1. Eh, anyone who wants to know my name could easily find out by looking at her posts and awkwardlyartistic’s. Cuz I am so not subtle. But do you see how my name could be a Thor pun? 😉


      2. Well, I have earbuds in my ears, so yeah… I’m going to try to make my own meme with this messed up quote from Thor…
        Jane: “Who are you, anyway?”
        Coulson: “I am Coulson, of SHIELD, and I am burdened with glorious purpose…” XD
        I came up with that myself…


      3. XD I seriously made half a dozen memes, including two behind-the-scenes hulk ones (“When you realize the Hulk is played by a guy wearing pajamas.”) and one Cap one. And I came up with ideas for a lot more. 😉


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