1. LUCKY. *sigh* I don’t have it and I hear it’s good for making art…
        I did a few Avengers pieces… 😉 But I don’t know why I have a Loki-in-profile portrait in my sketchbook… that just happened. -_- It was supposed to be Connor, one of my protagonists, but it ended up looking more like Tom Hiddleston (who looks almost like an anime character–have you noticed?!), so that’s what went on there, I guess. -_- Connor doesn’t commit fashion faux pas with his hair, and he looks younger, more childlike and innocent.


      2. Sometimes in Thor (which I finally got to watch!!!! 😀 ) Loki just has this creepy dreamy look, but I guess maybe I’m just picturing when he falls off the rainbow bridge.


      3. They deleted the scene where Loki finds out he’s king. Really????? How can you do that? They also deleted a scene towards the beginning that was super long, so I kind of understand, but it was just Loki and Thor waiting for the ceremony and chatting together, just hanging out like good brothers. It would’ve been nice to have. I think they spent too much time with the flashback to Asgard, when they should’ve spent more time on Earth.


      4. I looked it up on youtube. Along with the ones for Thor, Iron Man 1/2/3, and the Incredible Hulk, which totally freaked me out because Mark Ruffalo is sooo much better then Ed Norton. In my opinion.


        I saw Iron Man 2 last night… it was pretty good. But TONY USED THE MODEL OF CAP’S SHIELD TO PROP UP HIS PARTICLE ACCELERATOR!!! (At least Coulson’s fanboy was showing, if you watch for it… Also, COULSON!!! Coulson is so awesome and sweet and adorable!!!!)


      6. Coulson is amazing!!!! I really want to watch that one for Natasha. ❤ Love her. Which is why I want to watch the Winter Soldier so bad. That and… The Winter Soldier. Don't know if you've gotten the spoilers that I have…


      7. Yeah… I’m sort of in the stage where I’m just praying continually for guidance, too. 😛 There’s always a year between the idealistic “This is what I want to do” and the one where you realize “This is what I should be doing, while this is what I will be doing the rest of my life” where you have no idea what to do or what to plan for. Gah.


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