The Grass Withers




      1. *sobs quietly* I cried over the nice scientist and Bucky, and wow, I was so disoriented when he woke up after being frozen! How did he survive?! I’m kind of curious… is it ever explained, or is it just Marvel semantics???


      2. Well, it’s because of the super soldier serum stuff, and the way that messed with his cells…. at least, I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere. Kind of like when he couldn’t get drunk. I looooved Dr. what’s-his-face. I can never remember his name, I’ve googled it soo many times. 😛


      3. Ahhh… okay…
        Same here X-D He was the sweetest mentor character! It makes me want to write a fanfic about it… kind of extending the training camp scene. Also, the part where Steve threw himself on the dummy grenade to protect the other recruits! THAT WAS AWESOME! 😀 I kept wanting to give him a hug… though it would’ve probably only embarrassed him… 😛


      4. Iris told me the same thing. ;-P I thought the part where he said “I can! I’m a Captain!” was so funny! X-D And I loved the part where he threw himself on the “grenade” to protect the other recruits… 🙂


      5. Ah, the grenade part is one of my favorites. I like when they’re going to have the schnapps. “Oh, wait, you have a procedure tomorrow!” “Then we’ll drink it after.” “I don’t have a procedure tomorrow…” 😛 And the line with Bucky. “I thought you were dead!” “I thought you were smaller!”


      6. Yeah, that line I totally saw coming X-D Doesn’t make it any less funny though…. *sniffles* I just went and re-read your short story “The Holdup.” I need some pointers on writing fanfictions like that, because I think I have it bad… I wanted to write something about whatsisname, Mr. Stark (I can’t remember his first name… unless it’s Howard… but I don’t think that’s it…) because it seemed to me that he didn’t get enough screen time, even if he could be pretty obnoxious. 😛


      7. Howard Stark!!!!! 😀 He was awesome. “Whenever you think you understand a woman’s mind…” And the fondue part. 😛 I’d be happy to offer any tips… but I’m a novice myself so I don’t know how helpful I’d be. Did you figure out that he’s *gasp* Iron Man (Tony Stark)’s dad? 😀


      8. IKR? And poor Peggy. You haven’t watched the Avengers, right? The cube is in it. Because Howard Stark fished it out of the ocean in that one scene. O.o You know what would make a good story, is if Howard Stark lost his life while looking for Steve. After he had Tony, of course. I read somewhere that Tony was annoyed because his dad was constantly talking about how awesome Cap was.


      9. Yeah!!! I loved that final scene. They were keeping from breaking down and losing control with that banter. Both of them. I hear it’s pretty common for people to do that in a war…


      10. I think I watched it… but it was REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY out of character, so I didn’t particularly like it. I’m strange that way. Things other people find hilarious: I don’t laugh for some reason. Maybe I just take the subject matter too seriously?
        However, I found the one for Frozen HYSTERICAL. Maybe it’s because I just never got into Frozen like everyone else and thus I can bear to see it mocked. 😛


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