1. 😀 Sorry it’s been so long since I came around. College… I’m finally catching up (which is good.) I keep on praying to St. Thomas Aquinas (who is totally AWESOME!), and I think his intercession is helping. 🙂
        (This comment just screams geeky Catholic, doesn’t it? 😛 There aren’t that many people out there who rant that certain saints are awesome. Hint: Most of them are also history lovers. 😛 )


      2. Oh, yes, certainly. And dual credit started for me. And I already messed up by reading chapter three before chapter two… this is what happens when the book is on your computer…


      3. Another early-entry-program student! 😀 *high-fives* I spent the freshman year of college as an early-entry student because I graduated high school when I was 17.
        IKR?! I am actually behind because I keep stopping to take notes. 😛 Fortunately the forum remains open until midnight, though… yes, my university has a Forum. 😛


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