The Versatile Blogger Award

So I realized that I’d never accepted this award from the amazing icedmocha34. So… I’m doing that now. πŸ˜€

Seven Random Facts About Me

  1. I may seem like I have good comebacks and nice witty lines sometimes, but… ha-ha… yeah. It always takes me a long time to think of those, usually a week or two afterwards. Although there is the occassional one that actually works out.
  2. My room is a graveyard. A graveyard of unfinished projects that
  3. I can’t resist a chance to make someone laugh. (As if you couldn’t tell by my comparing my room to a graveyard and then not finishing the sentence about unfinished projects…)
  4. I seem to use “…” a lot at the end of sentences… I guess my thoughts tend to trail off. Go ahead. Count every time I do that in this post. And comments. And e-mails/texts for those of you who know me personally. πŸ˜€
  5. I struggle with making lists. I really do.
  6. I’m not the most organized person. And one of those unfinished projects mentioned in fact 2 is cleaning my room. πŸ˜›
  7. I just finished completing my Thor costume for church tomorrow night. Woo-hoo!!!! πŸ˜€

Seven Nominees

  1. Quotes From the Coffee Shop
  2. The Monday Heretic
  3. Red Lettering
  4. Mandie’s World
  5. This Girl Is Saved
  6. The Comeback Kids Blog
  7. The Upstairs Archives

Enjoy, my friends!



  1. I remember that stage, back when I had to carefully think out my comebacks… now it seems I have a hard time keeping from spitting them out, even when the setting is wrong or they aren’t very nice. My room is a graveyard too… πŸ˜› However, I prefer to call it an “ongoing project.” Feel free to borrow my euphemism! It may help you when your parents come down on you in wrath. πŸ˜›


    1. Haha, my mom just looks at my room and sighs, and my dad… well, compared to his office… πŸ˜› I get the occassional on the spot comeback, but that doesn’t happen very often.


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