A Whole Year

Haaaap-py Birthday!!! 😀 Today is this blog’s first birthday!

I was planning on saying something super eloquent but… well, instead, I’m just going to leave you with a hilarious clip from the movie Courageous. Enjoy. And laugh. Very, very funny.


    1. Haha, that was the funniest part. There are some other parts that are also hilarious, and let me tell you, you will definitely need some tissues. 😉 I’m not much of a crier, but this movie nearly had me there.


      1. Javie X-D He is so awesome!!! Have you read the novelization? If not, it’s well worth however much it costs. It goes more in-depth with the Mitchell family’s journey, and there are even MOAR funny bits. 😉 I recommend it very highly. Hey, I think I’m going to go change my avatar to Nathan Hayes now and see how many people get the reference! ^_^
        Also, there’s one part of the book, where they’re sitting around the table after having a barbecue supper together, and Nathan remarks, “You know, this is Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream realized. Two white guys, an African-American, and a Hispanic man, all sitting together, breaking bread together.” It sort of puts it all in a new perspective, doesn’t it? Who needs affirmative action when we’ve got Christianity?! X-D


      2. 😀 Sounds like I’ll have to get it! Nathan Hayes was cool, I liked him. I was so sad when that one guy ended up *spoiler alert* being the one stealing the drugs. I liked him, he was soo funny. “Love you, bye.” “Did you just tell the sheriff you loved him.” “Argh, I can’t believe I did that. I’ll call him back.” “Why, to tell him you don’t?”
        Ack, there’s so many awesome quotes… Have you watched Mom’s night out? The guy who plays javier is in that one, too.


      3. Yeah… X-D Nathan is AWESOME!!!!
        SPOILERS Shane? I know right? Poor Shane! “Don’t EVER let go of the wheel…” :’-( END SPOILERS
        And when Adam said ‘Love you, bye” to the Sheriff… ROFL! It’s just too much! X-D And then, later, when he is calling “Love you” to Victoria when he’s on the phone with the sheriff… X-D
        Actually, the movie inspired me to write a modern day alternate universe for Star Wars. Those things are so popular! Only mine has a twist. Rather than being high school students/staff, some of the characters are police officers! X-D And Anakin has an attitude problem. He’s in business in this world, but he’s still kind of bratty, and Obi-Wan (who is a police officer) is having a hard time keeping him in line, despite being determined to… 😉 And Qui-Gon is the sheriff. 😛 I should maybe put a clip of it on my blog, or as a draft share, or something. 🙂
        No, I haven’t seen that one. I’ll have to check it out! 😀


      4. Ooh, sounds very interesting! That was such an awesome movie. I love the scene at the shed with Javier and Adam. “Do you have a problem with your kidneys?” “No. Do you?” 😀
        He’s hilarious in that one. It was absolutely as funny as Courageous. Okay, maybe not that funny, but it could’ve been labeled a comedy. “…he got his head stuck in the toilet seat again…” Kids.:P


      5. They never show it… the same kid apparently gets his head stuck in a gumball machine or something like that, I’m not sure exactly what it was. It’s sooo cute. The movie, that is. 😉


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