A few thoughts on homeschooling

Such an awesome quote about homeschooling!

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I was commenting on Rachel Carrera’s blog, and we got to talking about homeschooling. (I also was talking about it with pinkdoughnuts15, too. HOMESCHOOLERS UNITE!!!) Anyway, I somehow (it happens, sometimes,) came out with this pithy piece of wisdom:

At public school, kids learn stuff. Homeschooling kids learn how to think.

I don’t know how I got to that conclusion, but that’s how I feel. At college last year, I met other students, and was in the top 10% of all my classes. About my lowest grade was a B+. People thought I was really smart, but I think it was partly because I had already covered a great deal of the material before, and partly because being homeschooled had taught me good thinking strategies.

Also, for some reason “homeschooling” is accepted as correct by this stupid word processing program, but not “homeschooled” or “homeschool.” What’s with…

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      1. Yay homeschoolers! 🙂 Also, thanks for reblogging! I’ve never had one of my posts reblogged before! This is exciting! ^_^
        Did I mention my friends at college thought I was an overachiever? 😛 And everyone seems amazed that I’ve never had a college class I scored less than a B on. 😉


      2. That’s crazy. People! All you have to do is be homeschooled!! 😀 Although I do know it’s not possible for some people. But even in public school, if you work hard, you can still get awesome grades.


      3. 😀 Yeah. 😉 And take more time than you need on your homework, to research other things. (That’s how I burn a lot of my computer time; by doing research. I don’t like Wikipedia much, so I do mine mostly by grassroots. 😉 )


      4. Yeah, and people can put whatever they want on wikipedia. Someone put the Professor Challenger was a “gentleman thief”. What? He is not! 😀 Of course, I haven’t read all of the stories yet, but still. 😉


      5. Who is the Professor Challenger?
        I swore off Wikipedia after accidentally reading an article that seemed biased like ghosts were real. Which they aren’t, no matter what Harry Potter may say.


      6. He’s one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s other characters, one of the reasons that he killed of Holmes, too. He felt like Holmes was overshadowing all of his other work. Which is true. No one’s heard of Professor Challenger. I just happened to be looking at Doyle on Wikipedia, and it mentioned him. 😀


      7. Oooh! I will have to check this out, methinks! 😀 And yes… at least Doyle wasn’t afraid to do what he felt was best for his mind palace pantheon, rather than forcing a series past its prime and milking it for the money (like some franchises do today.) Though later he was forced to bring Holmes back, I still respect him for trying to kill the character off. 😉


      8. Yep. It’s pretty interesting. Definitely not as good as S.H, though. The Lost World was sort of interesting, if you like – never mind. Spoiler. But it’s like an exploring trip basically. The Poison Belt was very interesting. Very, very VERY interesting. Loved that one. The Land of Mists I’ve never finished. It’s mostly ghosts and seances and things like that, and the last two I haven’t read, either.


      9. Oh, yes, what with over two hundred books in my room, I’m keeping them. That’s not including my non-fiction horse books, too. 😉 But the kindle’s pretty nice, too. I keep running out of amazon gift card money. So I’m stuck buying free books.


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