Bible Trivia: 6-28-14 Answers

What was the relationship of David, the most prominent king of Israel, to Ruth?

4. Great-grandson

What sort of men suck “the poison of snakes”?

1. Wicked

Who had the vision of seven fat cows coming out of a river?

3. Pharaoh

Brought to you by our Bible Trivia Challenge Calender.



  1. A) I love when you post Bible Trivia. Though it shows me how much I used to know and forgot! LOL!

    B) Can I ask a favor? Will you please consider posting a link to your writing blog on this blog somewhere so that I (and others of course) will be sure not to miss it?

    Thank you for both! πŸ™‚


    1. I pout the URL in the sidebar on the blog. It’s not a link, unfortunately, but you can copy and paste. πŸ™‚ Hope it works! There’s also a link in the new A Little About Me page.


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