Eww… Bugs!

Have you ever thought about how much bugs can teach us?

If you’ve ever watched a colony of ants or a group of roly-polys, maybe you’ve thought about how that’s a lot like us. All of those little bugs crawling around, and there you are, standing over them, with the power of life and death over each of them. Sure, you can’t hear them if they’re praying to you, but it’s an awful lot like us and God.

I’m not saying that God’s just up in the sky watching us as we run around. He hears us, our prayers, and he wants to be a part of our lives. It’s like if you take a leaf and move some of the ants to a different spot. He’s not necessarily going to move you with a giant leaf, but he helps us and provides a strength we could never have on our own.

He has love to share with you, if you’re willing to accept it.



  1. That’s funny you should say that, because I used to always compare people to ant farms with God watching, and we all have a job to do or a purpose in life like the ants, and satan is the kid who shakes up the ant farm and makes them have to start over on their mission. Nice post! 😀


      1. LOL! Oh, I’m full of all sorts of Biblical comparisons like this… Here’s another one I say all the time: God put the eyes in the front of your head so you can see where you’re going, not where you’ve been… Kind of like how the windshield to your car is so large but the rearview mirror is so small. We should learn from our past but focus on our future. Am I the philosopher or what? 😉


      2. LOL! Well feel free to quote, my friend. I’m full of them. If you need any more, let me know. 😉 How’s your story with the futuristic inventions coming?


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