Let It Go



Recently, I was watching Frozen while being surrounded by about a hundred little kids.  When this song, “Let It Go”, started playing during the movie, almost every kid was singing along and screaming out the words “LET IT GO!”

There’s something about the song, however, that disturbs me.  And what was even more disturbing was how all of the children around me, knowingly or not, were being dragged into the falsity that lies within the song.  These kids were believing in what they were singing with child-like ardor.  This, to me, was rather disconcerting.  Why?

Because the song “Let It Go” is about freedom.  However, what most little kids don’t realize about Elsa is this:

Elsa isn’t free

Children were screaming out “Let it go!”, joining in Elsa’s cry of freedom and release from burden.  They were injecting into their minds the subtle falsity that Elsa was somehow free.  But let’s look…

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