Perseverance: The Difference Between Winners and Losers

The Comeback Kids Blog

Sometimes, when I’m halfway through a set in January, the hardest month in winter swimming, I feel like giving up. Or quitting swimming altogether. I’m thinking, “There’s no way I’m going to make the rest of these times. I barely made the time interval on the first one!” Ever feel that way? Maybe it’s not in swimming; maybe it’s not in a sport at all. But don’t you ever feel like you can never win, never accomplish that dream? Don’t think you’re the only one! I’m an athlete. I’m a writer. Oh, and yeah, I’m a freshman who hates to study and take notes and well, would rather run (my biggest nightmare) than do school.

But what makes successful people so….successful? Most of us can rattle off a few things, such as brains, good looks, resources…the list can go on and on. Most of these reasons are true, but you…

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