Hulk Smash – Introduction To The Series

This Hulk section of the Superhero Sundays is going to take a while, so I’ve divided it into parts. Because there’s a lot to talk about.

What do you think about when you hear someone say “The Hulk”? Do you think of a calm, quiet Dr. Banner? No, of course not. You probably think of a huge green monster roaring and smashing things. And probably his signature line: “Hulk smash!” As I have not watched any of the Hulk movies, only the Avengers, I think of Hulk in several (funny) scenes from the Avengers. And this is one of my favorite quotes, even though it doesn’t include the Hulk, just his alter-ego. 😉


There were a few other quotes, but I chose this one because it perfectly introduces the topic of this series of posts: anger. Yep. What better way to talk about anger than to use the Hulk as an example? So that’s what this series of Superhero Sunday posts is going to be about. Anger.



  1. Interesting… I have not seen this movie… or really any superhero movies… except “The League of Incredible Vegetables,” “The Incredibles”, and “Spiderman.” 😛


    1. Aw, man! I want to watch the League of Incredible Vegetables!!!! 😀 I’ve really only watched the Avengers and Captain America: The First Avengers. I’m hoping to watch Thor soon, though.


      1. If you ever decide to watch any, watch the avengers, since it’s supposedly the best of any marvel one yet. Not that I’m in a position to judge fairly, but it’s my favorite. 😉


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