Two Words

Martha Robertson Art

It seems to me that our world is increasingly negative. I hear people complain all the time about something, about everything, about nothing. Negativity is SO contagious… Like a bad virus, it can spread in a room and before anybody is even aware of it, everybody is commiserating and “venting” together.

Early on, I wrote about a TobyMac song, Speak Life. Have a listen…

Speak Life by TobyMac

This video kicks me in the gut! An awesome visual on how the negativity can bring us to our knees. The media is full of stories about people who take their own lives or the lives of others because of something someone said. Like the song says, “Though it’s crazy, amazing, We can turn a heart with the words we say. Mountains crumble with every syllable. Hope can live or die so Speak Life!”

I’m a word person. My favorite games…

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