This is War



It is seems so far away, and yet it is so constant.

Every age suffers from war; battles erupt all over the earth.

We seem to be free of these endless tides of battles, as if the waters of war don’t reach North America.

But everyday is a battle.

Every choice that we make changes the world we live in.

What are we?

Are we selfish?  Are we immoral?

Who makes this world the corrupt place it is?

Some of the blame goes to a foreign nation.

Some goes to our government.

But it all starts with you and me.

And this war that we’re in, it’s a battle for what’s right.

I’m fighting in this war; you’re fighting in this war.

We are all called to fight together in this war.

We can’t let laziness get in the way.

And certainly not fear.

We are all called to do something…

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