Is He Dead Or Not?

Caution: There may be a few spoilers in this post, or, if you’re like Sherlock Holmes, you could deduce spoilers from things I say in this post. Just sayin’.

Have you ever noticed that it’s impossible to believe that people are actually dead in superhero movies?

I’ll admit that the same problem occurs in other movies, too, and in books fairly often. Or is that just my imagination? It’s not.

Sherlock Holmes, for example. He “died” in the books, and he “died” on the BBC Sherlock show (Which I have not watched, but I know quite a bit about thanks to a few friends. *wink* And a past post I reblogged.)

And then, of course, there’s all those minor characters in the superhero movies that supposedly die but don’t. Sometimes main characters, too, like Captain America, although we know that something’s up from the beginning of the movie. You can almost never believe that people are actually dead in those movies.

But you know what’s cool? That’s happened in real life before, too! All those people that are raised from the dead, like Lazarus. (We don’t know the names of most of them.) But the best coming-back-to-life episode? Jesus.

Unlike in superhero movies, Jesus really died. And then he came back to life. He conquered our sin by suffering the worst death the Romans could invent, and then he rose again, conquering death itself. He love us that much.




    1. Yuppers! Well, about the second part, at least. No one can guarantee the first part. Although, as a fiction character, he’ll never truly die. He’ll live through generation after generation… 😀


      1. I try to reserve bringing back “dead” people for certain events. For instance, I came up with this idea for a computer program that basically creates a replica of a dead person, based on data collected during the person’s life. The woman who developed the program used information from the journals of the protagonist’s late parents to create simulations of them… It’s through hologram technology, not cloning. Cloning is an entirely separate issue in this story. Anyway, so the protagonist, who is seriously messed up by this time, ends up with this… It’s pretty fun. 😛 Though more people are demanding that I write Colorblind. 😛


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