I’m Back!

If you’ve been wondering about the lack of post the past week, I apologize. I have been at my grandparents’ house, while my computer has been at our house. And with a non-smart phone (aka a dumb phone) I have not been able to post. As I missed Superhero Sunday, I’ll be posting it today, instead. 😉


    1. I’m sowwy. 😦 We were just cleaning house for my grandparents and playing with adorable doggies. Yoda/Thor/Sam Jr… still not sure what his name really is… he’s adorable. A Chihuahua-Jack Russell Mix. My cousin saw a guy being mean to him, kicking him or something like that, so he got him from the guy. ❤ He's Adoooooorable!!!!!!


      1. Think brown and white puppy, Jack Russell size/coloring, with Chihuahua tail and ears, one Chihuhua-ear sticking up Chihuahua style and the other flopped over. Yup. that’s my Yoda. Or thor. Or Sam Jr. Or Jar Jar. i think he’s going to have an identity crisis soon if they don’t pick a name and stick with it. Sam said no Jar Jar.


      2. He was adorable. Every time someone let him into the house, he’d run into the living room, sounding like a whole herd of puppies. And then he was hiding from my uncle…


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