Summa Cum Laude!!!

Amen! God certainly deserves praise.

Sonshine Seeker

Summa Cum Laude!
Graduate with a 3.8 gpa or higher and you are Summa Cum Laude-The Highest With Praise. The Glory of God was once defined as Clara Notita Cum Laude-Brilliant Celebrity With Praise. “But The Lord Almighty is exalted by His justice. The Holiness and Glory of God is displayed by His righteousness!” Isaiah 5:16. “Holy, Holy, Holy is The Lord Almighty. The whole earth is filled with His Glory!” Isa.6:3 “I praise you and thank you with everything in me…Thank you for your love. Thank you for your faithfulness. Most Holy is Your Name. Most Holy is Your Word. When I cry out, you answer me. You make me bold with strength in my soul. The moment I called out, You stepped in and made my life large with strength. Psalms 138:1-3(MSG). “For that is what God is like. He is Our God forever and ever. He will…

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