Avengers Assemble: Bible Style

Finally got around to reblogging this! 😉 Enjoy!

The Monday Heretic

Last week, I watched The Avengers, prompting, of course, deep movie-analysis questions like, “If Bible characters were cast as Avengers, who would play what part?” (What, this isn’t your go-to question after watching a movie? Strange.)


Here are a few of my conclusions…but I’d love to hear which ones you’d pick.

The Hulk: Samson


If you did not automatically assume this one was Samson, you need to re-read your ViolentComicBible (if such a thing does not exist, it should). Samson has some serious anger management issues. He tore a lion apart with his bare hands, let loose 300 flaming foxes in his enemies’ fields, and killed thirty men because he was mad they cheated at his riddle, Bilbo-style. This guy could totally break Harlem.

Bruce Banner: Paul

Bruce Banner

This mild-mannered alter ego had to be a separate person because, let’s face it, Samson is not that bright. Nor is he…

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