Jesus and Sherlock Holmes: Comparing Two Resurrections

The Monday Heretic

If you haven’t watched the BBC show Sherlock, you might not realize the many connections between Benedict Cumberbatch’s sociopathic British detective and Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Here are three ways the deaths and resurrections of Sherlock and Jesus are different, and three ways they’re similar, from the episodes “The Reichenbach Fall” and “The Empty Hearse.”

**Warning: many, many spoilers ahead. If you have not watched Sherlock, run away and eat scones or something. While getting caught up on Sherlock.**

Three Ways Sherlock and Jesus Are Different

One: Sherlock played the odds, then made his choice; Jesus just made his choice.

When Mycroft helped Sherlock plan a way to escape death, he determined that there were thirteen possible outcomes that would follow what took place on the roof with Moriarty. In the end, it was “Operation Lazarus” that was needed, and everything was smoothly and efficiently put into…

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  1. This is fine and all, but Jesus and Sherlock really?? Two completely different people (one fictional) I’ve watched every episode a few time. Sherlock faked his death because he didn’t really need to die, he needed to fake it so that his three friends could live. He lied to protect John from Moraity and his men, he wanted to save john. Of course Sherlock played the odds, it’s Sherlock. The people of this earth’s well being and future after death were not being hung on the balance of if Sherlock actually died. I get kinda stirred up sorry, I can relate to the characters that I love among many reasons.


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