Story Starters: 3-21-14

Story Starters are prompts that must be the first part of your story. To participate, please tag your post with p31tStarter and link back to this post. My favorite post for each story starter will be reblogged on Friday.*

Flash Fiction (less than 1,000 words):

She said yes.

Short Story (Over a 1,000 words, but we’ll set the limit at 10,000 words)

If only he could go back…

*Please note: If there are no posts linked to this post or tagged with p31tStarter, there will be no post reblogged. Also, any stories with anything inappropriate will not be chosen. Thank you!



  1. So there wasn’t much interest in me posting more of Memories to Keep, buuuuut, since you said you wanted to read it, I just posted it all in a password-protected thing, mostly because then others who didn’t want to read it wouldn’t get an email for it. 🙂 So, if you would still like to read it, here’s the link: The password is MemoriesToKeep. 🙂 Enjoy! And don’t be afraid to be super honest if I need to fix things.


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