Olaf Quote



  1. it still amazes me beyond comprehension that the creator of the universe looked down at a rock that was without form and void, looked down at the DIRT and saw something worth dying for…so amazed!


      1. yeah…amazing..knowing the cost, He still went forward with His plan…Lamb slain from before the foundation of the earth…what kind of love is this?! everlasting TO everlasting. i stand amazed! 🙂


      1. Cool! I must do that. My computer doesn’t even have Word, just Word Starter, so it only does the basic typing, not even fonts, really.


      2. I’ll start saving, then. XD it seems kind of a waste…I don’t think i’ll use it very often, even after I figure it out. Computers hate me, I swear!!!!


      3. I don’t use it very often at all. I just went on to do that quote cuz I was bored. You could tell me what you want, and I could *cough cough* attempt it… 😀


      4. Yeah!!!! You’re so sweet! How about…”Life is a lot like chocolate. Sometimes you have to deal with the nuts.”


      1. In my headcanon, Bruce has a sort of traditional Jewish background. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because he’s a bit of an underdog… and I know none of the actual canon about him. So, in my mind, Bruce is Christian (probably Episcopal) but with Jewish heritage… I’m pretty sure that Steve Rogers is Roman Catholic. I do know that he’s Irish, which somehow got into me when I was reading “The Dead” for school and I had the idea that when Steve and Bucky were on leave in WWII and went to Dublin for a weekend, just because they could…. 😛
        My mind is a convoluted place.


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