How Theologically Opinionated Are You?

The Monday Heretic

The other day, I asked myself the following question: does the devil always need an advocate?

And my immediate answer was, “Yes, yes he does, and it needs to be me.”

Then I actually, you know, thought about it. And I realized once again that I tend toward being an arrogant show-off.


Personal opinion? God finds theologically accurate things spoken out of pride to be more offensive than well-meaning people misinterpreting a passage. I need to remember that my attitude, not just my words, matters.

Serious stuff aside, I want to know how many people out there have that same urge to rush to the devil’s aid in any argument, to make everyone define their terms, to get into a heated “discussion” at nearly every Bible study. So, I bring you…

How Theologically Opinionated Are You?

An Incredibly Subjective Quiz

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