“God can’t possibly use me”

anybody but meGrowing up there was only one thing I wished more than anything in the world: to be anybody but me.

I wished I was that girl in middle school who wore the cute clothes, always had the perfect hairstyle, and never had a frown on her face.

I had to wear hand me down’s most of the time, life wasn’t always so peachy, and I was lucky if my curly hair wasn’t a mess.

I wished I was the girl from church who sang so angelically and everything about her was perfect, from her voice, to her family, to her face.

I had no special talent, no perfect family and friends, and I couldn’t carry a tune if my life depended on it.

I wished I was the girl who was confident, beautiful, and bold. She always knew how to lead and take control and had the right thing to…

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