God’s Sovereignty in Times of Trouble

Amanda Christine

God Is Sovereign

I recently asked my best friend if she wanted to write some posts for my blog, and I was very glad when she said yes. Here is something she sent me. How very applicable it is in my life, as well as everybody else’s life. I’ve noticed that human’s don’t trust God just because. They trust Him because of His faithfulness through the times when nothing seemed right. So, without further ado, here it is:

“There have been many times in the recent year that I wondered what God was doing; why certain things happened. In the past year, our church’s Pastor left, my father became the pastor, and my best friend in the world moved away. My world seemed shattered. I could not understand how God could let all these things happen.

I did not want to be the pastor’s kid; I’ve heard way too many horrible stories…

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