DC Talk and Sweet Sixteen

Today is my sixteenth birthday! πŸ™‚

This song by DC Talk from what I believe is their most famous album, Jesus Freak, defines the goals of my blog and my life. It was also the only DC Talk song that tobyMac played at the Hits Deep Tour in Corbin, KY this year. And, like I said, the pictures are coming soon, probably after New Years.

Click here for some of my other favorite songs that my sister posted on her blog. πŸ˜€





      1. Hey, if it weren’t for that, tobyMac most likely wouldn’t have all of his single albums and songs, Michael Tait wouldn’t be with the Newsboys, Kevin Max wouldn’t be singing for Audio Adrenaline, and… did I mention that tobyMac wouldn’t have all of those amazing albums???


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