Connections – Lines

Connections are… connections. Okay, I’m sure you figured out that much. Connections are connections between two (or more) things, normally connected only by a word, or two.

Line #1

Our dog, Daisy, is not allowed in the kitchen. Where the carpet ends and the tile begins, there’s basically an imaginary line. No crossing. Of course, she does cross it. Sigh. So we get her out.

Line #2

‘Cause we all make mistakes sometimes,

 And we all step across that line,

But nothing’s sweeter than the day we find,

Forgiveness, forgiveness…

-“Forgiveness” by tobyMac

From the album Eye On It

Yes, there’s a very, very narrow line for sin, too. You’re either on the “sin side” of the line, or you’re not. And when you step onto the “sin side” of the line, just ask God for his forgiveness. You’ll get it.



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