Please Pray for the Philippines


Typhoon Haiyan

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ who are reading this, please pray for us especially those who were affected by super typhoon Haiyan (places in Visayas and Palawan). We need your prayers. The number of dead people recorded are getting higher (as of now, there are more than a hundred recorded casualties according to the latest News).

There are still Forty Municipalities in Leyte that can’t be reached because the road getting there were all destroyed. Storm surge already wiped out most of the houses on the coastlines where the water rose beyond the expected 6 meters rise of sea water. Currently, all the electric lines and communication lines in Leyte are down, so there’s only a small chance that we can contact those who live in the small towns in Leyte.

Please pray for them. Pray that they are safe and not starving. Pray that we will…

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