Standing There Beside You

“No!” Priscilla screamed. Her chubby toddler fingers reached for the teddy bear in her mother’s hands. “I want it!”

“No, Priscilla,” her mother said firmly. “It’s time to put it away.”

Priscilla’s eyes filled with tears. “But I need him, Mommy!” she protested.

“Why do you need it?” her mother asked curiously.

“He keeps me safe at night,” Priscilla told her mother hesitatingly. “Without him I get scared.”

Priscilla’s mom sat on the edge of Priscilla’s bed. “You don’t need a teddy bear to keep you safe, Priscilla. All you need is Jesus.”

“Jesus? But he’s in heaven, right?”

Her mom smiled. “Jesus is everywhere, and he’s always with you.” She tapped the end of Priscilla’s nose, making her giggle. “When you’re scared, just think about Jesus and imagine him standing there beside you. He can conquer anything.”

Priscilla smiled. “Thanks, Mommy, I will.”

Priscilla fell asleep that night with a peaceful smile on her face.



  1. that’s so sweet!!!!!
    I remember when I was little, when I got scared, I would play this little scene over and over in my head: God looking down from heaven, seeing me huddling scared beneath the covers, then He would call His angels over and tell them to go watch over me. And they would every time. I always looked around my room and would envision where they were guarding me: sitting on the edge of my bed, wrapping their wings around me, and best of all, I imagined seeing God, back up in Heaven, smiling down as He kept an eye on everything. It wasn’t that He didn’t trust the angels to protect me, but He wanted me to know that He was always there, too. Yes, the angels are important and they are always fighting the demons around us, but God is protecting us more than they are, because He is The Protector.
    Sorry, I probably took up all your megabyte thingies!!!! XD


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