Just Say Jesus

Hannah walked slowly down the hall. Her long dark brown hair fell like a sheet over her face. She clutched her stack of books to her chest, looking down at the floor to avoid making eye contact with anybody else. She made her way down the hall slowly as she avoided the small groups of students clustered by the lockers, who looked at her disdainfully. A foot casually slipped into her path. Hannah tried to avoid it, but it just moved farther into her path. She grimaced as she slammed into the hard floor, and a jeering face gazed down at her triumphantly from a spot next to the lockers. Taunting laughter surrounded Hannah as Brian Casten leaned over her, smirking. Hannah’s cheeks burned as she started to stand up. Another boy shoved her, causing her to tumble over again.

Tears filled Hannah’s eyes from the humiliation. “Please help me, Jesus,” she prayed in a whisper.

“Leave her alone,” a voice demanded. A hand reached through the crowd and helped Hannah to her feet. She looked into the familiar brown eyes of Martin Shaw, the high school’s star quarterback, and a fellow Christian. He smiled at Hannah. “You okay?” he asked.

Hannah nodded. “All I had to do was call out to Jesus, and he sent you to help me,” she told him. “I just said ‘Jesus’.”


Just call out for Jesus and He’ll save you.



  1. That. Was. Beautiful!!!
    It reminded me of The Stranger episode I posted and The Boy With the Stormy Eyes…only yours was cooler!
    You know how people say, “How can you believe in an invisible God?”
    Well, there is no way in heck that He’s invisible. I see Him all the time: through people I know (you), through events and struggles in my life, and through stories that my friends and fellow human beings write. I see Him everywhere!


    1. You’re soo right! He’s definitely visible if you take the time to look. And, although science isn’t one of my favorite subjects, all you have to do is try to think about making an atom to scale, and, wow, it’s mind boggling. How could that happen by chance, without an AMAZING Creator? 🙂 Sorry, I’m ranting…


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