A Joke and a Picture

What plant did Noah not want on the ark?

A leek

Please note: I have NO IDEA where I first heard that joke, but I do know that I most recently read it in our church bulletin, as a trivia question. So it’s not original, and it’s not my joke.

All right, sorry about that joke. I couldn’t help it. Besides, it offered me the opportunity to (hopefully) make you laugh, and gave me a chance to post a picture I took a while back of my mom’s house leeks. Hee-hee.


Okay, I really like taking pictures. So, I hope you enjoyed this super random post. Even though it has ABSOLUTELY NO POINT!!!!!! Except maybe that you shouldn’t bring leeks with you on a boat… or in the house.


  1. Those aren’t leeks! Those are sedum!!! 0_0
    Okay, I have one. There are these two pikemen, Humphrey and Norman, on patrol at night, and Humphrey says to Norman, “I thought I saw a ghost last night!” Says Norman, “Do tell.” “Okay,” Humphrey says, “but first, I wanted to ask… what do we do if we see a ghost? After all, we’re on patrol!” And Norman says, “What else? Spear it!”
    Yup, Norman is a smart aleck. šŸ˜›


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